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Fade to Black TV produce full length drama films.
Our largest production to date was "Witchfinder" made in partnership with the Headgate Theatre, Colchester. This film tells the story of the notorious Matthew Hopkins - The Witchfinder General.
We negotiated access to many famous locations for the filming and the production has over 160 actors!

Most people have heard of Hopkins, but until now, an historically accurate dramatic version of events has not been available. The film shows how Hopkins started on his appalling hunt for victims and for the first time shows the story from his victims' perspective, including methods used to extract confessions from the suspects.

The Witchfinder DVD has the main feature which runs for 65 minutes together with a 25 minute "making of" bonus section. It isn't yet available in shops, so you have a chance to get a copy ahead of the main release, here on DVD. Just click the link below to make your purchase.

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