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Documentary - Bentley

Documentaries don't have to be dull and pedestrian.
When Bentley motors returned to racing at Le Mans, we covered the entire process, from building the cars, the press launch, testing the cars at Silverstone and of course, trackside coverage at Le Mans. If you are planning a major event or project, factory build, revamp etc. think about the benefits of recording the process. The Bentley footage has now become part of social history and it would have been tragic not to have recorded this.

Documentary - Concrete Boat!

We like "quirky" as well. If you were building a houseboat, what would you use for the hull? Wood? Metal? Maybe fibreglass. But how about concrete? Yes seriously, we filmed a man who has successfully built a concrete houseboat that floats. For over a year, we followed all the processes involved including designing from first principles and the nail biting casting in to a wooden mould. Oh, the man in question also has artificial legs and did all the work himself!

This type of work frequently has more than one application. Yes - It's entertaining in its own right, but it can also inspire and promote activity among people who might not otherwise consider a large project.

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